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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OCTOBER...Breast Cancer Awareness..."Think about it!".

* My Journal * Obviously, Breast Cancer Awareness Month has taken on a deeper meaning to me since this has been my year to personally battle the disease as I have joined thousands and thousands of mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, cousins, and many more individuals fighting their own fight with breast cancer.  If there has been one thing I have done right, it is being diligent about getting my annual mammogram screenings and keeping that commitment over the years.  Not only has this turned into being a "favor" to myself, but for my family as well.  The pure fact that my cancer was detected early in the "game" allowed for easier and less challenging treatments that has also coordinated with an excellent prognosis.
Now that I know that "this" too can happen to me... and not just to "somebody else", I will continue my commitment with my medical appointments as I will be carefully and closely monitored by my doctors from now on and this day forward.  I conclude by urging all women to think about the importance and meaning behind the month of October... and MOST importantly, I urge you to make your appointments for your annual screenings if you haven't already done so.  As many of us express our dislike regarding the obnoxious mammogram... ironically, IT can also be our "best friend".  As this is exactly what happened to me... and that's a good thing!