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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lost and then Found!

* My Journal * My father passed away just over four years ago.  The holidays are not the same for me anymore but we all  know life evolves in new directions.   While planning my father's funeral, I was driven to create a necklace for myself to wear at Dad's service.  I chose two photos... one is my favorite "pic" of my mother and father, the other is a priceless photo of Dad when he was a little boy.  I wanted to combine these images with my father's cherished wedding ring and create a meaningful token to wear.  I faithfully wore this necklace long after the day of the funeral.  About three months later, I was attending my childrens' "Muffins for Mom's" breakfast at their elementary school.  When I arrived home, I looked down towards the necklace.  My father's ring was gone.  Somehow, it got detached from the necklace and it was lost.  The wedding ring my father wore for nearly sixty years was nowhere to be found.  I wore the ring for three months. (I painfully searched everywhere for that ring.)  I was completely devastated and never forgave myself for losing what was a part of my dear father.
So today... here I am, four years later.  I was taking Anna out for a walk as Roger was cleaning the car in the driveway.  As I walked towards him, Roger held his hand out.  In his hand was my father's wedding ring.  Roger found it in a deep dark "crevice" inside the car as he was cleaning.  I think my mouth instantly dropped and then I felt my face wet with tears streaming.  I can't even describe how it felt to see my father's wedding ring after four years of thinking it was "long" gone.  Thank you, dear Roger.
As this year of 2011 has not been what I would call a year that I would want to repeat, finding my father's ring is one of the best "endings" for me to conclude this past year in preparation for a new year to come.
As I see this sentimental finding as a symbol of comfort and maybe even hope, I wish for peace and good health to each and everyone of you in the year 2012.