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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Please...Think Pink..."AND then some MORE"...(a special prayer for Emily)

* My Journal * Here it is again...October...Breast Cancer Awareness Month!  This is my second October as a breast cancer survivor myself.  So once again I am reminding everyone of the importance of annual screenings.  I can't emphasize enough of this yearly habit to imprint into our lives.  It's a "little" annoying procedure to schedule that is truly life saving.  Many of us are "living proof"!  This year I would like to extend this reminder to more than just breast cancer.  I apply this to include screenings for all types of cancer and more. As I say this, I also want to extend my thoughts and prayers to all who are suffering in pain with their own health challenges.  This includes family and friends who are agonizing in emotional stress as they support their loved ones in a health crisis.  Yes....we all know someone.  I think of many individuals I know myself who need support, positive thoughts, prayers... maybe a hug.  I still think it would be nice to be able to wave a magic wand, and "presto"...the "bad stuff" magically disappears... everything is good.  I guess it's never that easy.  Again, my prayers go out to many, and just recently I want to also wave that magic wand with positive energy and prayers to Emily Mayfield who was, just this month, diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia.  Emily is an admirable young lady, (many will tell you so...as she attains a wonderful "demeanor" including an inspiring attitude).  She is also a Kansas-State College student who is the daughter of some very dear people, Bruce and Liz.  Bruce has been a friend since junior high school days and I adore his wife, Liz. I hope and pray every day for Emily.  I think we should all come together this month for Emily, and for others in need of our thoughts and our prayers.  Let's turn the color pink into a beautiful rainbow!  Wave that magic wand!  That's a good thing.

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