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Sunday, November 11, 2012

MY HERO...my Dad...

* My Journal * I have said this before and I will say it again....my dad is my hero.  He is my hero for simply being my dad.  He is my hero because he was truly an honest man on this earth.  He is my hero because he took care of us...my family.  And very importantly towards the end of his life, he fought so hard and stayed so faithful in the care of my mother as he was very ill himself.  He was so wise and still is.  What I mean is he has been gone for five years now, yet he is still taking care of Mom because of the way he financially planned his last years. Dad made sure Mom with her Alzheimer's condition would be cared for in the nursing home.  He knew this is what he needed to do...for her and for the family.  What a blessing.  I thank him for that.  I always had a good relationship with my dad.  In his last years, Dad and I developed an even closer bond during all the struggles with Mom and his own health.  It was truly special.  I miss you Dad.
    As I look at him as my hero...my dad...he is also a hero of our country.  My dad served the Navy in World War II.  He never talked about it much until he wrote his memoir late in his life.  It was astonishing to read, but more astonishing to me that he never spoke about it. I had no idea Dad was inches from losing his life when his ship was hit.... there were more disturbing stories.
    Today, I salute my hero...my dad...but I also salute our many countless heroes of our country...those who have passed and those still with us. Thank you for your service.  God bless you all.  Let's celebrate all our military heroes on this Veteran's Day.  That's a good thing.