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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

* My Journal * Wow...it's October of 2013. I am now a two year breast cancer survivor. I am still under the watchful eye of my surgeon, and as long as I continue to take the cancer drug, tamoxifen, I am in the care of my oncologist. This is only for preventative measures to try and avoid a cancer recurrence.  (I don't know how much longer I will be taking the drug...possibly up to five years.) My medical appointment schedule keeps getting more spread out as I keep receiving "all-star" check-ups!  I would say I am in a "nice place". 

Because of my position, I have gained a high respect for Breast Cancer Awareness month--Pink October it is!  This makes for an attention getting notice for everyone to plan your screenings and check-ups. I like to extend this month of awareness for not only a reminder of breast cancer screenings, but also for preventative and testing procedures for other cancers. I have said this before and I will say it again... and again....I am alive and healthy because of tending to my annual screenings. 

As well as continuing the fight against breast cancer, October is also a wonderful month to reflect on the concept of giving and supporting the needs of others. With that said, let’s continue to come together... make a donation... run in a charity race....maybe volunteer at an event .  Let's make a difference....Believe in the “Power of Pink”.   I do BELIEVE! ... 
And that’s a good thing.