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Tuesday, March 1, 2016


* My Journal * 

Losing your mother is hard to do. 

On Sunday, February 28th, my husband, Roger Hunt, and his siblings lost their mother....Barbara Walters Hunt.  We knew the time was approaching, but as I watched Roger wiping his tears and choking up with difficulty speaking, it was a heavy reminder of never wanting to say goodbye. It doesn't matter what age you are in life...losing your mother is hard to do. 

When times like these become events in your life, it makes many of us reflect on where we are at...on this earth, what we believe in...and how we go about our lives with another loved one lost.  

If there was one thing Roger and I have, is we both were raised by really good solid people.  Both sets of parents have been honest, unselfish, caring, loving, hard working, (a little stubborn), down to earth, “what you see is what you get” kind of folks.  Both have had everlasting marriages through a lot of “thick and thin”.   If you add the number of years of marriage between these two couples, it equals to almost 130 years.  Need I say more.  

My parents really liked Roger’s parents.  They didn’t see each other very often due to location, but when they did meet, Mom and Dad were always so glad to see Barbara and Bill.  It was sweet, but not surprising. 

With both my parents gone, I think of them every day...sometimes my thoughts make me so sad, but other times they make me happy.  After the initial news of Barbara moving on to "a better place", I pictured something happy...

I envisioned Barbara entering Heaven with my mother greeting her near the entryway with a big smile and holding a platter full of appetizers.  Mom continuing her role as "hostess with the mostest"  wanting to make sure Barbara was OK, along with offering her some home-made "goodies".  Dad was near...yep...sitting in his easy chair, snacking on a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn...so glad to see Barbara, and greeting her with another warm smile. (I miss that smile.)  Mom and Dad quickly introduced Barbara to some of their friends and family, but of course, they knew she was on a mission to see some of her own family, especially her son.  That was when Dad told her that Tim (Roger's brother who we lost last year, the same week I lost Mom), was just on the other side of the next cloud, setting up a tent for the next camping adventure .  

Mother and son reunited.  I can just picture this reunion.

Roger and I have been very blessed to have our parents.  My prayers go out to the sole survivor, my father-in-law, Bill Hunt, of these four dear people.  Bill has endured much, especially in these recent years.  He has had some serious health issues including cancer.  While battling these obstacles, Barbara's health and mind was failing, setting up many exhausting days ahead for Bill, as caretaker.

I hope Bill can find comfort with the support of all the family and his friends during these hard days.  I also pray his feelings of grief can be eased by knowing Barbara has already found her fishing spot with Tim joining her.   The day will only be complete with a mouth watering fish fry...hushpuppies included.  I dare say..."That's a good thing".

...And to my dear father-in-law, Bill...We all love you... and may God bless you.