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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Our Beloved Anna

* My Journal * This is Anna... our beloved dear Anna.  We adopted her about two and half years ago from our neighborhood Petco.  Anna was rescued from a puppy mill.  She was overbred and abused.  The first day we saw her, I thought I have never seen an animal so timid and scared. She would not look at us.  She was too scared.  Her whole body shook with fear.  Somehow I knew this was our "dog to be", despite all the other fun, adorable, and loving dogs up for adoption on that day.  My kids were interested in some of the more seemingly fun dogs waiting to find a home.  This was a time I had to step in and convince Bryan and Amy, we needed to adopt Anna.  They agreed.  Anna was welcomed into our home and I became a dog owner for the very first time in my entire life... and I think now... whatever took me so long?
Anna has some "health" issues.  She has eye problems including cataracts, a heart murmur, and she had to have surgery to remove many of her teeth.  Along with these little problems, Anna is a bit emotionally "quirky".  When I walk her, she will not walk over drain covers on sidewalks.  She has to walk around them.  She does the same for door mats.  (I don't ask her why? :)  She has a fear of dogs.  (Does Anna know she is a dog?) She doesn't really know how to play like a dog.  She never knows what to do with a ball or any other toy that is hers. Yet, she "prances" around everyday like she wants to play but all she seems to reveal is a "socially awkward demeanor".  Yes, Anna is a bit odd and maybe that is why her and I share a particular bond. We seem to have some similar characteristics that neither one of us would feel fit for bragging.  Despite her "quirks", I must say, Anna has been a wonderful addition to the family.  I have never had any living being look at me the way she looks at me.  I have never had such a "thing" be so excited to see me when I walk into our house.  I have never had one watch me so carefully as Anna watches me.  She doesn't seem to mind when I am cranky.  She still looks at me adoringly no matter what mood I'm in.  She is always there for me.  When I am down, she comforts me; when I am filled of anxiety, she calms me; when I need a good laugh, somehow she senses that need, and makes me laugh.  Anna is a sheer delight.  I do see the benefits of having such a lovable companion.  I see how a little dog can bring happiness, love, a bit of peace, and can be an asset to one's health.  All good things.  As this topic of owning an adorable pet makes me smile....I feel the need to share my favorite prayer I happened to read on a bumper sticker one day.
"Dear Lord, Please help me to be the kind of person my dog THINKS I am!"
(And I think...if only that could be... if only that prayer could be answered... then it would definitely be a really great thing!)  Amen.