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Wednesday, January 21, 2015


    My Journal *  My husband Roger is the oldest of five children. I have heard numerous times of a story from his childhood regarding little brother, Tim. When Roger was a teenager, he took Tim "trick or treating" on Halloween. (I’m assuming Mom was home taking care of “baby Jim”, the youngest of the five.)  At the time, Tim was maybe about five years old. Roger was to take care of Tim, as well as make sure he was cued in on saying his "trick or treats" and thank yous. One house just so happened to have a cute pet pug at the door greeting all the little ghosts and goblins.  As little Tim got his treat, and said his thank you he started to turn away but hesitated after a few steps. He then turned back towards the door and said to the homeowner, "By the way… I like your pig!”

    It tickled Roger so.... Obviously, he never forgot that moment with little Tim.  And I always enjoy hearing the story.  (Mind you…I’m not always fond of hearing Roger’s “other” stories...uh…over and over….but this one I LOVE!  Ha!)

    Today little Tim is a wonderful father of four children and has been married to Maria for 30 years.  They are and have been fabulous parents to their grown and nearly grown children, and it shows through each child…Geoff, Stephen, Christa, and Aaron.  

    On Saturday, January 10th, Tim was rushed to the hospital…it looked likely that he had a stroke or heart attack...unsure.  With cat scans and X rays, the doctors discovered lesions on the brain (causing seizures) and in the lungs. The hospital performed a biopsy on Sunday. Later that week... biopsy results... malignant melanoma, (stage 4 since it has spread to other parts of the body).

    If anyone has the strength to get through this…it would be Tim and Maria. They are challenged, but handling the start of this journey with much grace and optimism. Tim and Maria, I declare as “Rock Stars”.  They are strong.  During this time, my father-in-law is also going through his own cancer battles.  Big stuff on the shoulders of the Hunt family to start off in the 2015 new year.  Daily prayers keep on going…and going…and we don’t mind asking for more.

    I don’t know, but all I can say is I’m getting pretty sick and tired of "Stupid" cancer abrupting people’s lives.  Cancer is the one enemy I truly believe in taking physical and wildly, violent force, and completely kicking it in the butt.  I would like to take a hammer and beat it til' we can see it NO MORE….THERE….DONE.

    As I have not been able to stop thinking about Tim, I couldn’t help but think of the little story of Tim and the “Pig” at Halloween.  :)  Naturally, I had to create this "pig-like" dog, or "dog-like" pig just for him. So here’s to my “Rock Star” brother-in-law who is keeping everyone else strong through his great attitude, optimism, and wonderful sense of humor in his new challenge he faces today.  May “Little Tim’s Hot Diggity-Piggity” bring a smile, a chuckle, and a twinkle of hope.  Allow it to be a symbol of faith, fun, and everything you are. Let it surround you with a bright spirit all around you and your family….. Maria, the kids, and your dear Mom and Dad….not to leave out the rest of the “clan”.

   SO... to Dear Tim-- I HOPE you "like your pig"? ....as it sends good thoughts, prayers, love, and a little bit of “Hot Diggity” in your path today.  It's a good thing...Love, Jan.