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Monday, May 28, 2012


* My Journal * It has been a year since my little hair ball in my life began and unraveled with the news of being diagnosed with breast cancer.  Finally, after months of not being inspired to write, I'm back.  I must say my emotions have taken on many twists and turns that at times seemed uncontrollable.  I still don't quite understand my brain, but at this point my brain seems to be thinking in a better light....all the while being blessed with continued good news of my personal health.  I am a lucky patient in this "arena" for the fact that my continued care and treatment for cancer is all for preventative measures, as I "kicked" the "big C" early on.  I still get frustrated at myself for not completely diving into this good news and dwelling on it.  But as I say that, I am not going to completely blame myself for continued times of feeling depressed or anxious.  First of all....I am HUMAN....then there's the "thing" about being a WOMAN and throwing in that..ugh..."AGE FACTOR".  Yep...I do believe my hormones have gone completely "out of whack".  Adding fuel to the fire is the medication, Tamoxifen in which I am taking every day for approximately five years.  My cancer was classified as estrogen receptor-positive (also know as hormone sensitive), which means that they have a protein to which estrogen will bind.  These breast cancer cells need estrogen to grow.  Tamoxifen works against the effects of estrogen on these cells.  Continued studies have shown successful results.
So here I am...one year later. I recently went for my annual mammogram.  I have been getting mammograms every 3 months but only for the breast treated for cancer.  This time I had the pancake flattening test for "both"....Yeehaw!  and Whalaaa......It's official! I passed....I have a "clean slate". Cheers to one year later!...and how 'bout a margarita and "toast" to a better summer!
And obviously, that's a good fun thing.