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Sunday, May 11, 2014

The finest of the finest

    My Journal * As I have been going through boxes of photos in preparation for Amy's high school graduation. I came across this photo that made me stop everything I was doing. Oh my goodness!...there is my mom on the right....Marylyn Scheuerman in the middle...and Evelyn Larsen on the left...all dear dear friends. I have known Marylyn and Evelyn my whole life. They knew me as a baby. Growing up I watched these ladies, their spouses, and several other dear couples spend time together, party together, and be there for each other when needed. They were a tight group.  They would take turns throwing dinner parties at their homes. I remember how fun it was for me when we had the parties at our house . Mom loved entertaining. My favorite was enjoying all the appetizers. My dad relished and had a knack for playing "bartender". They would stretch cocktail hour into several hours of fun and laughter.  Dinner would be enjoyed late into the evening. Then dessert...sometimes devoured not until the midnight hour. It was joyous. 

    These ladies have been lifetime friends. Evelyn and Marylyn always treated me as if I was their daughter.  Unfortunately we have lost Marylyn, but I'm sure she is happy to be united and in peace with her two beloved sons she lost...so painfully... in her life here on this earth.  Evelyn and husband, Dale, are alive but struggling in health. Mom...well...Mom has seen better days.

    This picture of the three makes my heart feel warm. It brings me sweet and joyful memories. I cherish those memories.  I adore not just my mom, but also Marylyn and Evelyn ....so so deeply dear.

    I love these three ladies...wonderful friends, wonderful wives, and wonderful mothers. 
Happy Mother's Day to all.  It's a good thing.