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Sunday, January 26, 2014


  * My Journal * I don't believe I have "blogged" on or about my birthday but this one I will.  I started my birthday today enjoying breakfast out with Roger, and the kids....a rare moment these days.  It was nice.  We all ate heartily...omelets, biscuits, chocolate chip pancakes....yum.  I actually wasn't thinking much about being a year older....that is until we were finishing devouring our delicious breakfast and sipping on coffee.  As we relaxed for a bit, I turned myself slightly and looked to my right.  Suddenly I did a double take.  What did I see?  My brain was feeling a bit weird as it does at times.  There sitting near me was an older "scraggly" but "a little bit cute" lady just staring down at the floor.  She had some wild mussed up hair.  She looked like she was trying to "style" but it wasn't quite working.  THEN it HIT me!  "OMG", I thought, "that is ME in 20 years."  I turned away and looked again, thinking and hoping I would not feel that odd feeling that I was looking into my future.  "OH Geez....YES....it is me."  I couldn't deny.  I then turned back to the table.  I looked at my family and felt the need to tell them about my "into the future" vision and "sighting".  When I confessed to this self truth....I was thinking...."Oh, I'm sure I'm just exaggerating things in my head, and I'm sure my family won't see what I'm seeing!"   As soon as Amy looked at the old lady, she said, "Yes, Mom...that is SO going to be you."  Well...I then knew I could either laugh or cry! :)
     I learned how I have learned before...it's so much better to laugh!  And we all did.  Yep, I'm still laughing...well...sort of...heh!   Truth is, it's been a good birthday today... and that is a really good thing.

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  1. You wil always be fabulous no matter what age . relish in the amazement of all that you have accomplished and so much more to come! This is your legacy! Aging with an attitude.