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White Apple Passion
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Friday, May 15, 2015

Today...May 15th...2015...just before noon...Mom traveled home.

* My Journal * Today was the day.  Just before noon, Mom took her last breath.  When I thought my tears were dry, I find them streaming like a flood down my face.  Before my father passed away, he took this picture of the sky.  Something told me this was special.  I have always cherished Dad's photograph of these clouds.  Finally, my dear, dear parents can be together in this beautiful place.  I love you SO much Mom and Dad.  Thank you for the millions of the little things, and the millions of the big things you did for me, and for so many others.  

Both of you can now be in peace...together.

Blessings to all for your thoughts, prayers, guidance, and needed support through this long journey.  
It's a good thing.

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