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White Apple Passion
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Knots in my Stomach

My Journal * I have knots in my stomach.  No wonder it's been feeling the way it's been feeling.  There are all kinds of knots "in there"... the slip knot, double loop bowline, figure-8-stopper, overhand knot, turtle's noose, butterfly knot, clove hitch, anchor hitch, another way to tie a clove hitch, honda knot, rolling hitch, sheepshank, angler's loop, bowline loop knot, the angler's knot, square knot, sailor's knot, and granny knot.  Whew.  I have felt knots in my stomach since the day I learned a biopsy was in order.  I am aware my stomach seems to acquire knots often.  I realize I need to learn to untie these uneccessary elements in my life that don't do me a bit of good.  Easier said than done "cuz" my stomach seems to have a "mind of it's own".....and the rest of me feels just fine.  :)

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