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Saturday, June 18, 2011

MRI * Peek-a-Boo * Can't run and hide

My Journal * I didn't think much about going to my appointment for my MRI, except for that I was pouting a bit having to do this on a Saturday afternoon.  I had a CT scan many many years ago on my lungs when I had acquired a nasty lung disease called "hystoplasmosis".  That's about it.  So we arrived at Menorah to check in.  Am I the only person out of the whole day checking into radiology?  There was nobody else around, including no receptionist.  The nurse did come and took us back after I wrongfully filled out some paperwork, then put my lovely gown on "open to the back", instead of "open to the front".  (Can't those medical "people" make up their minds on which way it goes?)  :)
I was taken to a big room and in it is what looked to me like a big "missile".  The two women "working the missile" mentioned starting off with the IV .....(I realized I should have done a little homework here on what I was getting myself into.)  As the IV was going into my arm, I felt like I was tasting nail polish.  I was told after that to get up and lie face down.  Yep, there it is again....instead of one big hole, there were two big "peepholes" staring back at me waiting to place both my breasts through.  UGH.  I'm lying there breasts hanging down with one person grabbing my left boob on one side, the other person grabbing my right boob on the other side.  This is really getting "pleasant".   I was told it would take 25 minutes for the whole process.  As I was inside the "missile", all alone in the big room, my head began to pound.  I felt lightheaded realizing I can't run and hide.  This moment is one of those moments of feeling very alone. No one is living "it" like yourself.  Then I realize you have to face it head on.....and kick it in the butt.

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