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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Mammogram

My Journal * ...flat as a pancake....uh huh....that's how it all began.
I went in for my routine annual mammogram on May 25th, 2011.  I have been on an annual schedule now for many years.   So at this point, I'm pretty used to this obnoxious machine, THE mammogram...."pancake griddle", "flat iron", "compressor"...to name a few....(as I could call it a few other names but trying to keep my blog clean)....who in the heck invented this nasty machine that flattens your breasts like pancakes???  It had to have been a MAN.....sorry guys....I can't help myself.  OK, I am not the only woman who is accusing!   As I curse this machine, THE mammogram, I really ought to be giving it my utmost respect.  After all, it probably saved my life.  Thank you my dearest sweet mammogram.

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