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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Update * Our friend, Tom is an OBGYN doctor.  He has been so kind into guiding Roger and me with information and he was the connection for getting my appointment today with a second surgeon.  It was an excellent meeting.  I am going with this surgeon.  Again, the treatment will be lumpectomy followed by partial breast radiation---a new treatment of radiation that will go through a catheter into the area that the lump is removed from.  I will do this very soon after surgery twice a day for five days.  This is a much more intense schedule packed into one week as opposed to 6 long weeks of radiation.  I am very glad I am a candidate for this new type of radiation.  So basically, in a matter of a few weeks from surgery, I will be done with all my treatments for this cancer providing everything including the surgery goes as planned.  I will find out tomorrow exactly what my schedule is.  Stay tuned.

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