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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Inappropriately Appropriate!

When my wonderful friend, Starla heard about my diagnosis, she sent me a message and called my cancer, "Stupid Cancer"!  As I read the message, it seemed to give me an instant feeling of "empowerment" over
the unwanted enemy.  I then suddenly realized there is actually a place in life where "verbal abuse" can be  appropriately used, and the unacceptable word, "stupid", is COMPLETELY acceptable!  I truly found much satisfaction in this inappropriate but appropriate use of vocabulary.  I want to thank Starla for allowing me to feel the liberating right to personally shout out and verbally abuse the "uninvited guest".
On behalf of all cancer patients...THIS is what I have to say:  "To all the 'Stupid Cancers' in the world, YOU CAN JUST GO TO HELL!!"

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