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Saturday, July 30, 2011

To Laugh or to Cry...Or BOTH!

* My Journal * My friend Pam, also a breast cancer survivor, was so kind to treat me to lunch as I went through my twice a day radiation appointments.  It was fun.  We enjoyed a wonderful lunch at the Mission Antique Mall....a great place to enjoy delicious food and forget about troubles while rumaging around discovering some vintage treasures.....one of my favorite pastimes.  Thank you Pam!
As Pam and I focused on the subject of healthy living, we talked about nutrition, lifestyles, our experiences going through cancer treatments, our doctors, and so on.  One thing that really "stuck to my brain" was her comment that it was not only very healthy to laugh, but it was also very healthy to cry.  I think most of us know that laughing is obviously a good thing....and you sort of figure....it's not fun to cry, but crying does allow you to "let it all out".  After that thought, I began more of my usual routine of further thinking.  Hey....the fact that I can be really noble at laughing...and then, I am also a master crier "with dignity and distinction", I must exclaim... Wow!  I believe that just may work to my supreme advantage!  Since I am such a great authority of both these virtues, and now that I have kicked my "stupid cancer" out of power,  I MUST be of prestige health....(alien or not!).  And this I say is of "impressive prominence"!   I now "crown" and title myself as the "Princess of 'to Laugh AND to Cry' all in the greatness of health".  Then I shall "crown" Roger as the "Prince Charming of 'Putting up with Me'...(will she laugh or will she cry today?...  OR will she do BOTH ?!)"....(but isn't he of elevated luck...to have your majesty (me)!... Hee!).  Now then, that feels of great stateliness! I do believe I feel the rise of my good "healthiness", and obviously a part of Royalty!  What about you, "Prince Charming Roger"?  As I declare myself a Royal Princess, living in the "Palace of Good Health", I do believe that is of stature AND a splendid good thing!

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  1. Jan, you are so awesome...it makes my day to read your wise reflections. Thank you so much for sharing your journey and insights with us. You are a princess in every sense of the title. To quote scripture, "Blessed art thou among women"