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Saturday, July 23, 2011

A Spider and it's Web ... Wake up ... "Smell the coffee"

* My Journal * My favorite "spot" is our front porch.  I find myself going to that spot to sit....especially this summer.  I like sitting when the sun is going down.  It seems to be a place where I feel calm.  Once I am there, I relax.  The ability to relax seems to be a challenge for me, but I found "planting" myself on our porch helps.  Last week I did just that, after finishing my last radiation treatment.  As I sat and rocked, my eyes were drawn to a spider spinning her web.  I'm not a lover of spiders, but I seemed to be calmly drawn to the little critter.  I took time and just sat...and watched....I sat....and kept watching.  I observed how hard this spider labored.  She worked hard and fast.  I was impressed and found myself quietly "cheering" her on.  She was such a dilegent worker.  She would not stop for a break...there was much determination and fight in her to press on, and keep going.  Finally I felt my space was being a bit invaded by the web, so I decided to let the disciplined worker "be" and I went inside.
The next day I walked out to the porch and noticed the spider sitting in it's gigantic web.  The web spread wide, across much of the front porch, and near my "sitting spot".  Isn't it amazing?!  And how does such a "little thing" like that create such delicate, transparent, and beautiful work?  Incredible. (Now, I realize I am not making any new discoveries here....but it was one of those moments in my life I have taken time to "smell the coffee".)  Later, when I arrived again, the web was gone for whatever reason that destroyed the piece of work.  All that hard work...gone.  I felt bad for the little spider.  The evening approached, the sun was disappearing, and I was back out on the porch anxious to relax.  Wouldn't you know, there she was again, rebuilding her web in the same place.  The tenacious spider had begun the process all over, and it didn't seem to phase the energy and determination in the tiny creature of nature.  What a great little example and role model in our "oh" so big world.  I felt tremendous respect and admiration for this amazing critter with great character.  She did not give up.  She kept going, despite her world being broken down. She was strong, and determined to succeed, even with overwhelming obstacles in her life. I see this tiny little spider spinning her web...an inspiration in life, with a reminder to never quit, never give up, don't get discouraged, be strong and mighty... be determined, with "chin up"... no matter what has knocked your web down, or what obstacles you face in life.  I then realized, it's time I took more time to "wake up and smell the coffee". That's a good thing.

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  1. spiders are very cool,they do that, build this extravagant maze of fibers, catch what they can,then remove the maze to sleep and start all over again that evening...love watching them...love you Jan!