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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The Waiting Room...Michelle

* My Journal * Just a moment ago, I was going to and through a number of medical tests, doctor appointments, and consultations for my breast cancer... then surgery and radiation.  Today, feeling "on the mend", with all that behind me,  I was in my surgeon's waiting room... waiting for my follow up appointment with Dr. Balanoff.  The waiting room was full of women.  Most of them had a sister or some other female by their side.  Most of them were older women, like the one who was sitting next to me.  She didn't have any problem opening up to me.  She was just diagnosed with breast cancer last week, and was worried what was in store for her.  I told her she was in a good place and it was going to be OK... (as if I was a veteran at this still new experience to me.) The woman pointed to the hundreds and hundreds of files exposed from the receptionist window of all the breast cancer "cases" just this office alone has dealt with.  We both looked in awe of how could this be.. but it is... it is the true reality of life.
Also in the waiting room was Michelle.  Michelle was in her wheelchair waiting for her appointment like the rest of us.  Hard to really tell, but I think she was a younger woman.  I was immediately and completely heart sick for her.  Just looking into her sad and worn out eyes, I knew she has been fighting a long hard battle of pure Hell.  It was not right.  Her "caretaker", who I don't know in what capacity or relation she was to Michelle, openly talked to the woman next to her of the troubles Michelle has faced, and is facing.  The woman told Michelle she would put her on her prayer list.  Her caretaker said they would take any prayers they could get.  I jumped in and said I would be in prayer for her too.  If a person does not feel spiritual in his or her life, I can't imagine not feeling it in these moments, just out of pure necessity and desperation for someone in need.  I usually keep this "stuff" to myself, but not this time... not today... not for Michelle.  I don't care what kind of "spiritualness" one has or not... and how it's "spirited"and/or worshipped or not...  good vibes, positive thoughts, meditation, or any form of prayer....whatever it takes...I ask that for Michelle from this day.  As I was called for my appointment, I went over and placed my hand on her shoulder.  I wanted her to know a stranger to her cares.  At that time, everyone in the room seemed to be in support of each other for the fact that we were all in this waiting room, together for a reason.  I will never forget that moment... and I will never forget Michelle.

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