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Saturday, July 2, 2011


My Journal *   Being a cancer patient requires "patience", as most would understand.  I am now in the "waiting" mode hoping to get the pathology report back by Tuesday, critical to my schedule as it stands now.  The "buzz" word for cancer surgery is "Margins".  We want CLEAR margins, meaning there is a good margin of healthy tissue all around the lump that was removed from my breast.  If the results conclude this, I am good to go for the new MammoSite Radiation Therapy to start this week.  If not, it is probably back to surgery but that is not in MY plans!
Here is a brief summary of what has happened:
June 8th--Biopsy performed--Calcifications were removed to be evaluated.  A metal clip was then placed in breast to mark the area removed.
June 29th--A procedure was performed the morning of surgery inserting a wire to the area as a guide for removal of the bad tissue.  This was done by using a mammogram.  I was awake during this procedure.  (It wasn't exactly an activity to be placed on a list of "fun things to do"....ha!)
By then, I was all set for surgery already with IV in place, etc.  I have to admit, I was looking forward to that moment of being "placed in a  happy state of sleep".....and finally I was there.
During surgery after removing the lump, the doctor inserted a MammoSite Balloon Catheter.  Again, if my pathology report comes back like we plan, then this catheter will be replaced by the "real" catheter to be used for the radiation treatments.
So here I am, with a catheter "attached to my breast", waiting.  I am still so glad to be a candidate for this MammoSite Radiation Therapy, but I am not exactly becoming "BFF" with this device that is a part of me for the time being.  It's a bit annoying.  The area is sore, and "wearing" a catheter is not what I would call comfortable. I do guess I just need to quit complaining, and know that this device is only a great "weapon"! Yes, it is! ...A great weapon that will be used to "kick" and destroy the enemy!  That's a good thing!

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