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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Unlucky but Lucky

* My Journal * For so many years I have been faithfully attending my annual mammogram check ups.  For so many years I have been lucky....lucky until this year.  This year I wasn't so lucky when they called me to come in for a magnified mammogram.  I was then unlucky when they told me I needed to have a biopsy performed on my left breast.  I continued to be unlucky when the biopsy results came back positive with cancer.  Interestingly enough, my unluckiness suddenly changed to luckiness.  As soon as I was told of my diagnosis, I was also told I was lucky.  Lucky this unlucky diagnosis was lucky being found at such an early stage.  Funny, I needed to feel lucky but felt unlucky all at the same time.  The deeper we got into tackling this unlucky but lucky new challenge, the more I realized the "lucky" seemed to be feeling much more than "unlucky".  Are you following me?  :)
To simplify, my experience as a cancer patient with my unlucky but lucky diagnosis, I define my challenge throughout as a "cake walk" compared to many, (even though it hasn't felt like it).  What I am getting at is, as I have lived this journey, my thoughts and prayers continue for those I know and see fighting greater challenges than the recent journey I have had to endure.  I am reminded by Chris....the young and beautiful blond mother of two, I know from church, who has handled her cancer recurrance with tremendous grace, courage, and also with stunning calmness.  Then there is Debby....a gutsy fighter, also mother of two with difficult cancer battles, doing well, keeping "chin up", plunging through and celebrating every victory along the way. (FYI--I knew she would look great with no hair!)  Our long time friend, Joyce...no, she is not battling cancer, recently experienced a "freak" bicycle accident.  This left her near death with critical head trauma. Also a mother, Joyce is a strong athletic and tough individual.  She has made miraculous strides in her amazing and difficult recovery.  She too is a true miracle.  These inspiring women are just a few of so many individuals "out there" fighting courageous battles.  For every mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, friend.....  or whoever you may be fighting hard battles... I pray and wish for good days, hopes met, dreams made, and wishes granted with a little bit of the "unlucky luck" along the way...
...and this...I also hope and pray to be an unlucky but lucky, and blessed good thing.

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  1. Jan, thank you for your inspiring words and your inspiring spirit...I am LUCKY to have you as a friend. Keep up the good fight...still keeping you in my prayers and thoughts...