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Friday, July 8, 2011

My Catheter....My Sister....Her name is "Cathee"

My Journal * I am trying to figure out the best way to describe my "relationship" with my lovely MammoSite Balloon Catheter.  I will call her "Cathee". The best comparison I can think of is Cathee seems to be like a little sister visiting from out of town.  (She wasn't even invited!)  I never had a "real" sister but this is as "blood related" as it gets.  (After all we ARE sharing the same blood.)  As I have said maybe twice before, Cathee is very annoying.  She is not "attached to the hip" but attached to my breast.  She is here visiting for a couple of weeks and will not leave me alone.  She hurts me...even though she doesn't mean to.  I don't like her but I do love her.  Does this sound like sisters to you?  I love her because even though she is very annoying, she loves me back, and she is going to do me a lot of good.  She is also very smart and knows exactly what her mission is to help reinsure a good long life for me.  I must say when she arrived, she did not look so great....she maintains a poor diet....she eats up my bad cells and steals my good ones too!...(the selfish sister she is.) And what are sisters for!?  I have decided, especially since she is the "smart" left brain sister (who doesn't focus much on appearance), and I am the "visual" right brain sister, I will just have to give her a little "make-over" during her "stay".  And here she is....Introducing my beloved and dear, annoying and selfish, little sister and catheter.  Her name is "Cathee".

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