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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pathology Report

My Journal * I did not know what my schedule would be today.  "The" phone call came in at 9:30AM.  Pathology report is in. Margins are clear!  All is good! Another hurdle down.  Rejoice.  With that said, I was then told to be at the Breast Center for Ultrasound at 1PM this afternoon and then to the Surgeon's office at 4PM for the "change out" of the MammoSite balloon catheter....ugh....(not excited about another procedure that results to no fun at all, but this does result to a speedy and seemingly safer treatment ahead, being the MammoSite Radiation Thereapy).
I arrived for my Ultrasound.  I did not realize I had one more "test" to pass in order to be able to move forward with this new radiation.  The Ultrasound was in order to "check" that the balloon of the catheter was not located too close to my skin.  If that was the case, my catheter would be removed and I would not be treated with the MammoSite Radiation, but would be going through the 6-week more traditional radiation treatment and schedule.  OK.  I would find out "upstairs" at my 4PM appointment.
My busy Surgeon was delayed from surgery as I waited for "my time".  When it was my turn, Dr. Balonoff was very pleased and happy of my pathology report and the placement of the catheter.  I am passing through with "flying colors". She then had me lie down on the table to prepare me for "the changeout".  I will explain.  At surgery time, a much "cheaper" catheter was placed in my breast.  This is for all practical and economic reasoning.  It used to be, they would go ahead and place the expensive catheter in at surgery time, and too often results of pathology reports, etc. would not allow the procedure of Mammosite Radiation Therapy.  Therefore, a catheter costing a few thousand dollars would be wasted as opposed to a catheter costing a couple of hundred dollars.
I will say especially after today, I can understand that there are women who refuse this new radiation because of "dealing" with this "catheter thing".  I believe I have already expressed it's annoyance.  I also think you sort of have to have the "stomach" for it.  The "change out" of the catheter today was not any kind of pleasant experience, just as others have not been pleasant either. I do know it will all be worth it.  And WOW, am I lucky or what?!  As a cancer patient, everything is going as well as you could possibly want.  It's all a good thing.

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  1. Jan, glad to hear the good news. You are still in our prayers and thoughts...Remember,
    Yes God Can :)